Nodaway County Sheriff Randy Strong attended the July 5 Pickering City Council meeting to inquire about the council’s concerns.

Strong stated that Pickering patrols have been made by deputies and himself. He said that his department has not received many complaints and wanted the council’s input. He stated that the sheriff’s office can only enforce state and county laws.

Citizen Linda Young expressed her concern about ATVs, golf carts and minibikes racing through the Pickering streets and running stop signs. She said many have children on board or are driven by underage drivers.

Strong said the department could investigate the possibility of putting children at risk in conjunction with the Division of Children’s Services. Mayor Charles Smith said that concern for the children is the council’s priority.

Alderman Kevin Leedom said he is disturbed that when complaints are made to the sheriff’s office, the complainant’s name is given on the airways which is picked up on scanners. This has led to reprisals.

Discussion was held on the fireworks ordinance. Strong requested that the sheriff’s department be notified if the city ordinance is going to be enacted next year. The department can enforce the state law on disturbing the peace.

Discussion was held on parked cars in yards. One car had been parked in a yard without moving for 12 years. City Clerk Milt Sovereign stated that if the car has antique plates, is kept closed and weeds are kept down around it, the city doesn’t invoke the nuisance ordinance.

Alderman Ramona Pennington inquired if maintenance is done on the two open alleys in town. The alley by her residence needs gravel and to be graded. Smith said that could be added to Alderman Brad Judd’s list of projects to be completed with a Bobcat®.

The street report included the following:

• Two drainage tubes are ready to be flushed by the Union Township Fire Department. The areas below and above the tubes have been cleaned.

• A large corrugated tube needs to be replaced because of a hole.

• The sides of the streets have been damaged by recent rains.

• Smith asked that a list be drawn up of needed street repairs.

Nuisance letters are going to be sent to three property owners. One property has an overgrown yard; one has an upside down clothes washer in the yard; and one is blocking public alleys by parking vehicles in them.