North Nodaway Superintendent James Simmelink and Board of Education President Jerime Bix approached the Hopkins City Council at the June 4 meeting about the need for new lighting for the ball fields.

The combination football and baseball field lighting failed at the final 2017 football game. The school district is looking to form a partnership with the city, community club and the ball field association to pay for replacing the light fixtures and wiring.

Simmelink is looking into the cost of the project. The council indicated interest in participating, but won’t make a final decision until cost is determined. Mayor Kelly Morrison wants to see community involvement through fundraisers.

City Clerk Dee O’Riley attended a meeting about city eligibility for a FEMA Hazard Mitigation Plan. Discussion was held about the city buying generators to keep the sewer and water plants operational in case of a power outage. No decision was made.

Aldermen Allen Thompson and Rick Gladman signed an oath of office at the beginning of the session, beginning their two-year terms.

O’Riley said the Consumers Confidence Report was placed on May water bills so Hopkins consumers can check the quality of the water. In June, the Department of Natural Resources annual fee will be added to the bills. The sewer fees will be 80¢ per residence and $3 per commercial property. The water fees had not been received as of the meeting, but O’Riley estimated fees similar to 2017, which were $3.24 per residence and $5.77, commercial.

Morrison and O’Riley gained approval to seek better bank interest rates on three CDs maturing in June. The current rate is 0.4 percent. The two will call area banks and transfer the funds if a better rate is found.

The city will change insurance companies for the city building insurance. Spalding Insurance had notified the city of an $1,100 savings by switching to Missouri Rural Services. The city currently has other insurance coverage with this company.

The Hopkins Picnic resolution was passed.

Four liquor licenses were approved for Rick’s Country Store; one for Cody Hoepker for Hoepker’s Bar; and two for Amy Larson, owner of Salty Snax and 30 Pax, LLC, inside Smoke Shop.

Alderman Brandon Kreps inquired about the procedure to close Depot Street by the elevator.

Chief Operator Jack Baldwin is working on a spec sheet for the pump house and water plant painting project. He will advertise the project when the specs are complete.