State Rep. Allen Andrews said September 1 that he is working diligently to find additional revenue sources for programs that provide vital services to Missouri’s senior population.

Andrews said a piece of legislation (HCB 3) approved by the General Assembly, but vetoed by the governor, has caused assistance to be cut for more than 8,000 older Missourians. The legislation was meant to preserve the current eligibility levels for in-home and nursing services for seniors and disabled people. Without the bill, the levels increased and caused thousands of vulnerable Missourians to lose their services. Andrews said he is working with colleagues to look for potential solutions.

“Whatever the path forward may be, I am committed to advocating for our seniors and working to find a solution that will prevent those in need from losing access to the care they need,” Andrews, R-Grant City, said. “We’re less than two weeks away from our annual veto session and right now we’re looking at our options to deal with this problem. I will be supportive of any viable solution that restores the funding that will bring the eligibility requirements back to their original level.”

Andrews and the members of the Missouri General Assembly will convene for the annual veto session on Wednesday, September 13.

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