By Kay Wilson

One of the beauties of the news biz, there is never a dull moment. Getting bored is not a personnel issue here at the Nodaway News Leader.

My column last week addressed the possiblity of saving the silo at Mozingo Lake Golf Course. It seemed to strike a nerve of several individuals on both sides of the argument. Many locals and others who are natives of the county were the majority of the comments noting the worthiness of the silo as an icon and a unique branded structure. The icon would speak to the farming heritage that the rich Mozingo valley allowed a group of homesteads throughout the years. The uniqueness of a silo at a golf course is pretty self-explanatory and was spoken from our readers with boldness.

I also had a visitor from the official point of view. Maryville City Manager Greg McDanel came with a map in hand of the proposed layout of the conference center. See photo.


He told me that the amount of money it would take to save the silo and include within the design would add up to thousands of dollars. He explained the current design was derived from another Boulder Inns and Suites so little money was needed to utilize their plan. I’m sure he thought speaking to a fiscal conservative, better known as a tightwad from the country, his case would be better received than it was.

He felt if the silo was left in the front yard of the conference center, actually on the right side of the view between the center and the lake, that would not be suitable. He said the lawn could be used for outdoor weddings and other occasions and the silo would detract from the atmosphere.

So after a short discussion that was quite grown-up and civil, we agreed to disagree. And since he has the ears, and more importantly the votes of the Maryville City Council, I believe the silo is to be demolished.