At the Pickering City Council meeting on June 4 it was announced the parts to repair the storm sirens have been acquired and will be installed.

After the sirens’ backup batteries were replaced, the system was tested and it was found the sirens wouldn’t function on the batteries. City Clerk Milt Sovereign determined what parts were needed, ordered them and will install them. The city will have sirens operating on electricity and the backup battery system.

Mayor Charles Smith and North Nodaway Superintendent James Simmelink discussed the city’s concerns over school bus drivers not stopping at stop signs and speeding on streets. Smith reported the situation improved during the last weeks of school.

Smith has not heard from the company which will asphalt the streets. The council requested Alderman Brad Judd use a grader to smooth the ruts out of an alley that needs to be graveled. Judd said it may be two to three weeks before he can start.

Alderman Ramona Pennington brought a card for the council to sign thanking Carla and Larry Vore for their work landscaping the community building and the Pickering sign on Highway 148. The council approved the $406.70 in project expenses.

Smith contacted City Attorney David Baird about nuisance properties. The council’s main concern is with owners cleaning properties after renters move out and leaving a mess. Baird stated there are state ordinances already in effect for these situations. He will respond to the council with the appropriate ordinances.

A Pickering property that had four trailers on it has sold. The new owners have removed the trailers. Sovereign will pull the four sewer pumps from the trailer sites to be added to the spares. The aldermen said a daycare and preschool may be going into the metal building on the premises.