At the August 7 meeting of the Pickering City Council, concern was expressed for the safety of children in two different instances.

To address the first concern, two “Children at Play” signs will be purchased to be put up on the east end of Sixth Street.

In the second instance, the council reaffirmed its decision to report to the Nodaway County Sheriff’s office when unruliness occurs on quad runners in town.

Alderman Ramona Pennington brought up a rooster crowing in town. Apparently, a lone rooster has been dumped inside the city limits, the council believes as a joke. No one has been able to catch it. A fox has been seen chasing it, which the council believes may take care of the problem.

City Clerk Milt Sovereign reviewed the financial report for the past six months, which the aldermen approved. Mayor Charles Smith brought up the question of whether the financial report needed to be approved. The Union Township Fire District doesn’t have to approve its reports. Sovereign said that he would check into the matter. He also stated that he feels more comfortable having the council approve the reports each month.

Alderman Brad Judd complained about rental housing occupants throwing furniture and other debris into yards. The council has decided to contact property owners about these situations. An official letter was approved to send to a residence about a refrigerator sitting in the yard without a secured door.

Three letters are being sent to land owners who have not maintained their lawns. City Attorney David Baird’s office contacted Sovereign for the exact addresses of the properties.

Judd brought up contacting Carla Vore about landscaping around the community building. Vore maintains the area around the Pickering city sign and Judd thinks something needs to be done about the community building. After discussion, the aldermen decided to look for sales on fall plantings and start work around the building sign.