NWForceThe NW Force finished the final summer season softball tournament with a third place finish in Blue Springs this past weekend. Playing in the ASA VIP Series, the NW Force had three wins, one tie and one loss in extra innings to finish third. Team members of the NW Force are front: Ella Schulte, Maryville; Delaney Wolf, Barnard; Carsen Burns, Maryville; Katryna Warren, Bolckow; Cassidy Brittain, Bolckow; back: coach Chris Burns, Maryville; Jaidyn McKinney, Maryville; Carlee Gilbert, King City; Maggie Collins, Conception; Brylie Angle, Conception; Kinzie Wilmes, Bolckow; Braelyn Hannigan, Maryville; coach Lesley Schulte, Maryville. Not Pictured: Christina Turpin, Conception.

This season, the NW Force finished first at the Angels Tournament, second at the Cow Town Show Down and third at the Mizuno Softball Series, Charlie Brown Special and Show Me Shootout. The team summer record is 22-11-1.