The Nodaway-Holt Board of Education approved TEAM or Trojan Educators Achieving More for implementation in the 2021-22 school year at the board meeting, April 21.

Elementary Principal Shawn Emerson presented the proposal which will allow creativity in the extracurricular activities available for students.

“The purpose of TEAM is to encourage teacher participation outside the normal school day to raise student achievement of Nodaway-Holt students. The intention of this program is to strengthen opportunities currently offered to students and expand additional opportunities and experiences for all students. This program will recognize and reward the efforts, dedication, and sacrifices made by Nodaway-Holt full-time certified teachers.”

Approved activities at both the high school and elementary levels include: tutoring or study sessions, content specific contests, judging math contest, scholar bowl, spelling bee, family engagement activities, science fair, science olympiad, TEAM committee approved clubs, if not receiving a stipend for it, TEAM committee approved activities, and additional items must receive prior approval.

The TEAM committee is made up of both principals, two teachers and two Education Foundation members.

Activities which are not eligible for TEAM are any activities for which a teacher receives a stipend, parent/teacher conferences, open house, concert supervision, professional development, teacher representative at board meetings and teacher administration at athletic events.

Teachers can complete up to 40 student-centered approved hours for a stipend of $1,000. If the full 40 hours are not completed, teachers will receive $25 per hour of documented work.

Plans must be turned in prior to September 1 and all hours completed by April 15, 2022. Time spent with the students must be outside of the 7:45 am to 3:45 pm contracted school day.

Teachers will keep a running log of time worked. Each teacher must collect student signatures for verification of work with time. General supervision should not be counted on event trips, only the event times should be recorded.