The Nodaway News Leader bookcase has these books for sale: ”Images of America, Nodaway County” and “Images of America, Maryville” by Michael J. Steiner; “Rural Midwest Idioms/Folk Sayings” “Listen to the Mukies,” Tales from the Old Prof,” “Learning to Listen,” Famous People of Nodaway County Missouri,” “The Civil War: Missouri and Nodaway County,” “The History of Nodaway County Towns” all by Bob Bohlken; “Farming in Nodaway County, 1845-1996,” by the Nodaway County Heritage Collection; “Nodaway County, Missouri, A Pictorial History 1910 – 1994,” by Opal E. Eckert; “Littlest Christmas Kitten,” “Apples, Apples, Everywhere,” “From the Apple Orchard,” “Healthy to the Core,” all by Lee Jackson; “Birth in a Chicken House I,” and “Birth in a Chicken House II,” by Dr. Jim Lucas, DVM; “A Taste of History, The Cooks of Nodaway County;” “Hundred Miles to the City” by Clare Samson; “Lily is Wide Awake” by Brandon Brand; “The Teacher’s Tackle Box,” by Joyce Piveral, Nancy Piercy and Sue Nothstine; “To Seek and Save” by Gary Mathes and Susan Mires; “More Than Your First Cookbook,” by Barry Beacom; “Princess School,” by Bobby Cinema; “Mouthwatering Missouri Stress Free Recipes,” by NWMO MS Self-Help Group; “Dinners in Half the Time,” “Cooking Around the Country with Kids,” “Find My Heart: A Valentine Game,” by Amy Houts; “Where in the World is Arkoe, Missouri,” “Hezekiah Rasco,” “Sheltering Country,” “Brothers Such as These,” “Tryst Twist,” “Wandering Belle,” “The Reckoning,” “The Surrogate,” “Dying by Inches,” by Susan Cronk; “Cooking in the Midwest,” by Nancy Lantz; “Diane’s Daily Devotions,” by Diane Goold; “Marriah’s Easter Egg Hunt,” and “Rusty’s Life – A True Story,” by Jack Jones; “Beyond the Horizon: A Memoir,” “A Quest for Freedom,” by Marvin Wilmes; “The Boy Who had Nine Cats,” ““True Heart,” “The New Student,” “Carries Catch,” “Real Stories,” by Irene Alexander; Hometown Favorites, Skidmore Community Betterment Association; “Good Morning, God,” “Good Night God,” “Isabelle’s Search for God,” by Sherry Nieting; “Endless Love and Second Chances,” by Dixie Davis with Sherry Maves; “Died Innocent” by Don Nothstine; “Justice in Nodaway County,” by Don Nothstine & Susan Cronk; “Molly’s Parade,” “The Princess who Couldn’t Add,” “Francie’s Great Adventure,” by Mary Ebrecht; “What Do Moms Do?” by Amy Houts and Emily Bush; My Gramma and her Pogo Stick,” “My Gramma has Ants in her Pants,” by Paula Moyer Savaiano; “Stop! Stop! No Sugar on Top!” by Pradnya Patet and Debra Hull; “I, Eugenius,” “John Henry’s War,” by Larry Anderson; “Chore Boy,” by Jeanie Edwards.

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