The Mozingo Lake Recreation Park Advisory Board went over highlights from last year’s budget and discussed goals for its upcoming budget.

Assistant City Manager Ryan Heiland gave the board an overview of last year’s budget that was focused intently on designing, building and opening the new conference center. He also mentioned the work done on the William Coy restaurant in the conference center, which is leading to the delay in its opening. Heiland said the restaurant will hopefully be opening in the next few weeks. The fiscal year 2018 budget also featured, among other things, 60+ golf tournaments and many superficial and maintenance improvements.

There was also a discussion of city and board goals for the upcoming year’s budget. Goals for the upcoming budget are highlighted by a focus on elevating local tourism amenities as community and regional assets and establishing a five-year plan for replacing maintenance equipment and infrastructure. A special budget meeting was scheduled for Tuesday, September 4 at City Hall.

The events coordinator position has been vacated and is currently being filled, in part, by Heiland. He said the position is currently open with a possibility it could see modifications.

The board also noted weddings are booked for every weekend during the season and the course was awarded the Girls Class 1A State Golf tournament.