School bus routes for all eligible student riders attending the Maryville R-II School District, Horace Mann Learning Center and St. Gregory’s School have been tentatively scheduled for the 2017-18 school year.

A list of bus rules and regulations are posted on the parent portal in the online registration packet. By completing this form as a part of the online registration, the parent is saying that they have read and agree to abide by those rules.

Transportation is provided for all students who live one mile or more from the school they attend. Eligibility to ride the bus is based on the student’s home address, not the address of a child care provider.

Questions concerning bus routes should be directed to Martin Farnan, local manager of Jarnik Bus Company and contractor for student transportation services, at 660.562.3663.

The listing of the bus routes, scheduled city stops and the estimated times for pickup and delivery appear on page two. School and transportation officials want to emphasize that these routes and times are tentative and will be closely monitored during the first few days of operation for any needed changes in routing and/or time schedules.

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