The Maryville City Council approved a joint funding agreement with the Public Water Supply District No. 1 of Nodaway County for a granular activated carbon (GAC) Adsorber Project to address the smell and taste issue of Mozingo Lake’s water during the February 22 meeting

City staff along with Mayor Ben Lipiec and Councilman Tye Parsons met last week with the rural water leadership, which is Maryville’s largest customer as the district provides water to much of the county’s rural areas. The decision to join on the GAC Adsorber project meant the rural water board will supply a maximum of $600,000 toward the $1.2 to $1.4 million needed to address the water issues during the short term by an significantly reduce MIB and geosmin. It is expected with the funding in place, the project which will convert an existing 250,000 mg clearwell tank to a GAC Adsorber along with yard piping modifications. The plan for the construction is to implement a construction manager at risk process to expedite the schedule with the intention of being operational by later this fall.

The rural water organization will only be responsible for 26.5 percent of the completed project and the city will reimburse the excess to the rural water board over the next five years. The 26.5 percent is determined as that is the amount the rural water buys of the city’s treated water. If the city and the rural water leadership decide to embark on constructing a new water plant, the financing of this project would be rolled into the cost of that larger project.

The rural water district’s assistance through funding, allowing the project to proceed without the city’s debt financing and associated rate increases.

The city’s financing portion of the GAC Adsorber installation will be derived from delaying the South Market waterline project, $440,000, the money allotted for economic development, $200,000 and the Drake Lumber sanitary sewer line, $150,000.

Other business addressed included:

• Accepted a contract with JD Bishop to install concrete within the downtown traffic signal replacement project for $880,775.55 which exceeds the budget so the city, Snyder and Associates are researching a way to value engineer items to reduce the cost. A portion of the project includes sidewalk replacement of the Black Pony Redevelopment in the 400 block of North Main. The company estimated it will need an additional $40,705 for the sidewalk expansion.

• Approved a $230,660 change order to HDR Engineering for engineering services in the construction of the GAC Adsorber and the overall analysis of the clear well rehabilitation.

• Authorized the purchase and maintenance of docks for Mozingo Lake with ABC Boat Docks, Bismark, ND, including the purchase of EZ docks at $123,724 and maintenance of existing docks at cost of $27,488 with $21,212 that is not budgeted. City staff recommended the additional funds be taken from the Mozingo Recreation Fund for the difference.

• Approved a contract with Snyder and Associates to provide the engineering for the 38 full service pads for the  expansion at the RV park, at $15,500. Midland Surveying was granted $10,900 for the topographic survey work. A completion goal has been set internally by staff  for July 1.

• Authorized a lease with Drew Farrell for harboring an aircraft at Northwest Missouri Regional Airport at $1,800 annual rate.

• Accepted the stormwater management plan for Vintage Estates along Icon Road including a stormwater detention pond.

• Approved the sale of $3.035 million Certificates of Participation through Piper Jaffrey for the financing of various projects debt such as the South Main Street Corridor project and Mozingo  RV expansion to expire 2038 when the current CIP would expire. The street improvements would be repaid from the CIP taxes while the Mozingo Park improvements will be repaid from user fees and sales/use taxes.

City Manager Greg McDanel noted in his brief report the South Main Street Corridor project will have bids opened on March 10 and he encouraged local businesses to access the newly developed Maryville tourism website to add their attractions.