At the January 6 meeting, Mayor Kelly Morrison asked the Hopkins City Council aldermen to think about whether or not Hopkins needs a livestock ordinance.

The city does not currently have a livestock ordinance and livestock is not covered under the current animal ordinance pertaining to dogs. The topic has been on the meeting agenda for several months, but has been tabled without discussion. Morrison wants the council to consider the need and to take up the discussion at the February 3 meeting.

Morrison thought the Missouri Municipal League would have sample livestock ordinance copies from which the city could get guidelines for creating the ordinance.

The part-time maintenance person, Chris Bird, has completed schooling with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources for the Hopkins water and sewer plants. He has to wait 60 days before taking the test to complete the course.

Hopkins currently has a 2002 backhoe which the council is looking to replace. Bird reached out to Murphy Tractor and Equipment and Victor L. Phillips Company, both of Kansas City. Both companies are eligible to give state bid pricing quotes which were extended to the city of Hopkins.

Murphy’s bid was for a 2018 John Deere with 300 hours of operating time for $99,554.69. The Phillips bid was for a new Case with zero operating hours for $102,560.

After discussion on the merits of each backhoe, the council decided on the Case. Bird said if the city would trade the backhoe sooner, the machine would hold its value, therefore lowering its operating expense.

There is a $25,000 down payment, with a $1,422.16 monthly payment for five years. Morrison had contacted City Clerk Dee O’Riley who said the city could afford both of these expenses. Morrison said the city needed a reliable backhoe.

Chief Operator Jack Baldwin is estimating the city will use the backhoe approximately 200 hours per year. Alderman Allan Thompson said with the city replacing water meters he thought the backhoe would be used even more.

The 2002 backhoe will be used as a trade-in with an estimated value of $12,000-$14,000.

The aldermen approved the detailed 2020 budget which was prepared using 2019 actual expenses and revenues. Morrison noted the water and sewer revenue had continued the downward trend seen during the past years. 

Two council positions are on the April 7 election ballots. As of the meeting date, one person from each of the two wards had filed for the positions. Filing is open until Tuesday, January 21. To file for the positions, call Hopkins City Hall at 660.778.3688 to make arrangements to complete the paperwork.