Burlington Jct. City Council discussed health clinic project updates during its meeting on October 12. Currently, water lines and handicap signs are being installed and concrete is being poured.

Community Hospital-Fairfax hopes to have the clinic operational by mid-November. The clinic will be open three to five days a week.

Lot owner of the clinic’s location, Byron Clark, addressed council members asking for $7,095 to complete concrete work. Mayor Justin Plymell tabled the request until next month when more board members would be present. Plymell said city staff can paint handicap signs on the pavement and the city will purchase handicap signs to label parking spaces.

Citizen Andrea Swafford addressed the council concerning a two-year-old outstanding water bill. City personnel had shut off the water meter two years ago when they found the meter spinning due to a leak. Swafford said she was not living in the house during the time the bill was accrued and asked that the city reduce the bill. City maintenance will investigate the situation and check the meter. The issue was tabled pending the results of the investigation.

The ball field was reseeded with fertilizer and equipment donated by MFA, Burlington Jct.

Plymell applied for and was granted Purple Heart status for the city. He will present a plaque to the American Legion on Veterans Day. He plans to personally fund a Purple Heart City sign for the edge of town.

City council members will pass out snacks during the West Nodaway Halloween parade at noon on October 27.