The Skidmore City Council listened to sewer upgrade proposals presented by Paul C. Owings, Snyder and Associates, Maryville, at the February 9 meeting.

Three different proposals were outlined ranging in costs from $825,000 to $3.6 million. The most attention was given to the lower-cost proposal which involves rehabilitating the current sewer plant and upgrading the system.

One problem to be solved is that rainwater is getting into the system, significantly increasing the volume and affecting the treatment. The proposal is recommending the cleaning of the sewers so that a video inspection can take place to find defects. An earlier smoke test had been conducted.

Owings recommended the city reuse the existing clarification tanks with ultraviolet lights added. The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) officials have stated that the city sewer system must be compliant continuously. The occasional out-of-compliance readings are not going to be allowable.

Snyder and Associates listed grants, USDA loans and the raising of sewer rates as methods to pay for the project. The city will be forced to meet the DNR regulations. This is not just a Skidmore problem; several small towns have the same issues.

Amendment 3 was approved extending the completion date of the Snyder and Associates engineering contract until May 31. Two readings of resolution 2017WWTP were made and the resolution was approved. This authorizes the application filing with DNR Small Community Engineering Program under the Missouri Clean Water Law. This allows the making of loans and/or grants to aid in the development of specified public projects.

The old city hall can be sold to the adjoining property owner without advertising according to the city lawyer. Aldermen wanted to put in a clause that the new owner take the property as is and clean it up.

Three ordinances were tabled and the animal ordinance will remain as is. The New Nodaway Humane Society (NNHS) placed charges against the owners of malnourished dogs that animal control officers had picked up. NNHS is asking for reimbursement of expenses. Alderman Karen Kepka is asking that the trip charged to Skidmore be included in the restitution.

The color scheme of the new city street signs will be green with white lettering. It remains to be determined how many are needed. The Skidmore City sign needs to be removed from a highway post and placed on its pole.

The next regular meeting is slated for Thursday, March 9.