The city of Burlington Jct. voted to contract its maintenance labor during the regular meeting June 12.

The contract was awarded to Alliance Water Resources, a Missouri-based company with headquarters in Columbia, for $106,939 a year.

Previously, Mayor Justin Plymell stated the city would spend approximately the same amount of money per year by contracting the labor and the city would save money on purchasing and upkeeping equipment. Alliance is able to buy materials in bulk, which will save the city additional funds.

Alliance will provide two employees located in Burlington Jct. at all times. The employees will take care of all water plant, pump and street maintenance, snow removal and basic repairs and upkeep of the town.

The employees will be a liaison between the city and the Department of Natural Resources and will take care of filing all necessary reports, performing all water and chemical testing and helping the city locate and apply for grant monies to increase the budget.

Alliance will provide a company vehicle on-site for the employees to use as well as providing necessary tools and equipment.

Tentatively, the company will take over maintenance beginning July 17. The council approved the extension of current employees Scott Conn and Skyeler Rohlmeier until July 17, at which time their employment with the city will end. They will be able to apply for a job with Alliance.

Residents can submit a work order by calling city hall during normal business hours. For after hours emergencies, there will be an emergency call number.

“I’m excited, I’m looking forward to the opportunity to partner with the city,” Alliance Division Manager Bart Downing stated.

Conn reported that maintenance has been mowing and is spending around 16 hours each day pumping water. He is checking on prices for parts needed at the water plant. Conn also stated that the asphalt has arrived, but that the skidsteer is broken down. Parts have been ordered for the machine and should be arriving within the week.

In other business, Angie Lightner’s employment contract was approved for another year. City Clerk Breann Hunt’s resignation was accepted. Applications are available at City Hall.

The 2017-2018 budget was approved after a public hearing, where citizen questions and concerns regarding the budget were answered by council members.

Denise Giesken gave an update to the council regarding the RV park she wishes to build on her property. She has been meeting with the economic development office to discuss the different financial resources available.