Harvest in Nodaway County is progressing at a good rate as the dry weather and mild temperatures have combined for optimum conditions.

Yields have been above average for both soybeans and corn, with most of the beans dry and the corn in the mid-to-upper teens for moisture. As the perfect weather progresses the moisture levels will continue to drop.

“Harvest is going to go fast,” Consumers Oil Company Manager Harold Spire said. “There are people who have already completed their bean harvest.”

There is plenty of room, currently, at Consumers Oil for grain storage. A new elevator will be ready as soon as wiring is completed for additional storage.

Farmers have taken care of early reports of mold on corn by harvesting the fields early to prevent the weakening and downing of stalks. There have not been additional mold reports as the harvest has continued.

Motorists need to be alert during harvest. Large farm equipment is moving slower than the normal traffic flow. Also on two lane roads, it is difficult to see around the equipment for safe passing. On gravel roads, the equipment may take up the entire roadway.

While following large farm equipment on any road, be advised that the farmer may need to swing out further onto the road if they encounter a bridge, mailbox or other roadside obstacles along the side.

The loss of habitat and cover as crops are harvested means deer will be active and more likely to take to roadways. Motorists need to adopt an attitude of patience and safety first as they travel through harvest areas.