Northeast Nodaway R-V’s board of education met with architects to discuss track designs during its regular meeting March 16.

Senior Associate Project Manager Patrick Smith, Incite Design Studios, Kansas City, which specializes in building architecture, and Owner/Landscape Architect Vance Rzepka, VSR Design, Overland Park, KS, which focuses on landscape design, addressed board members about the different services their companies offer in hopes that the board will hire them to design the new track facilities. The two companies proposed working together on the track project.

Senior Associate Project Manager Patrick Smith from Incite Design Studios passes out cards while Owner/Landscape Architect Vance Rzepka from VSR Design addresses school board members.

The architects discussed some of the requirements for track designs and urged the board to make a wish list of what they would like included so the design teams could work on incorporating as many of those items as possible.

The board inquired about their procedures for allowing community members to volunteer work time and their policies on hiring local contractors. No action was taken.

Colby Wiederholt was hired to mow the school grounds for $95 per job. Administration is also going to ask him to keep up with the weeds in the playground.

The school rummage sale brought in $1,200.

The county DARE program began in February and the sixth-grade DARE graduation is set for April 18.

Principal Ken Grove reported that spring parent-teacher conferences were not well attended. There was discussion about changing the times of conferences, allowing high school teachers to stay in their rooms for conferences so they can work between appointments or no longer having spring conferences. No action was taken.

Some discussion was had about adding concrete around the new ag enclosure. Other ideas included allowing the ag students to landscape the area and using it as an outdoor classroom or allowing students to eat there as a reward. One board member mentioned creating a fish pond. Teacher Heidi Beatty was looking into applying for grants to help fund the beatification efforts.

The board accepted the resignations of Ryan Stanley, business, and James Hall, custodian.

It was approved to hire Taylor Blevins for fifth grade.