At the July 2 Hopkins City Council meeting, City Clerk Dee O’Riley presented information about Hopkins becoming a member of the Missouri Municipal League.

The council was interested in the inquiry service for legal questions and the resources available online. The membership cost of $400 was approved.

Resolution 110, the Nodaway County Multi-Jurisdictional Local Hazard Mitigation Plan, was adopted.

Discussion was held on two nuisance ordinance letters sent to residents. On the first, council members believe the derelict vehicle has been removed. On the second, the renter has stated not all of the vehicles belong to her. She has contacted the vehicle owners to remove them. A copy of the letter was sent to the property owner. If the problem is not fixed, another letter will be sent to the property owner.

During the overgrown property discussion, Alderman Rick Gladman said he was contacted by a resident concerned with the property next to his. The burned remains of a house sit on this overgrown property where animals have taken residence.

The council agreed Gladman should have the resident sign a complaint and O’Riley will send letters to the owner. If expenses are incurred before September 1, the amount could be added to the property owner’s tax bill, according to Mayor Kelly Morrison.

At the August meeting, Morrison wants the council to look at delinquent water accounts and decide whether to add to the property owners’ tax bills.

Two more CDs have come due. The council again approved Morrison and O’Riley to shop for better rates. The three previous CDs were renewed at 2.5 percent after discussions with Nodaway Valley Bank. The street fund will have $8,000 transferred into the street CD to make $50,000 in reserve.

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