Nodaway County Commissioners Chris Burns, Bill Walker and Bob Stiens met with Maryville City Manager Greg McDanel, Maryville Police Chief Keith Wood and Nodaway County Sheriff Randy Strong during their meeting January 17 to discuss the possibility of creating a joint 911 call center.

The center would include the Nodaway County Sheriff’s Department, Maryville Public Safety, the Nodaway County Ambulance District, Northwest Missouri State University Police Department, Maryville Fire Department and all of the county fire and rescue squads.

The early discussions are leaning towards housing the new 911 department within the new Maryville Public Safety building will be built in the near future. The blueprints for the facility include a fortified command center that will be built out of stronger construction materials and will have additional security features.

In the past, committees have conducted feasibility studies in 2000 and in 2001. With state regulations changing as well as changes within the entities McDanel requested the county’s help on funding a new and updated study.

With the county on board, city officials will send out requests for proposals in the near future. McDanel estimates the study will cost $20,000, but is hopeful that due to the previous studies, it will require less hours and come in under budget. The county and the city each agreed to budget $10,000 towards the project. McDanel will gather proposals and bring more detailed numbers back to the commissioners at a later date.

Also in the meeting, McDanel asked the county commissioners to budget for funds to pave Hawk Road, which is the gravel road leading to the Northwest Missouri Regional Airport. McDanel estimates the project will cost $195,000. Polk township has verbally agreed via Maryville City Councilman Jerry Riggs, to contribute four annual payments of $10,000 for a total of $40,000 towards the project.

The commissioners estimated they will contribute close to $40,000 but stated they would look at the budget and get back to McDanel once the budget is finalized. McDanel stated the difference would be paid using part of the $1.25 million the city of Maryville allotted in their budget for mill and asphalt overlay this year. McDanel plans to add Hawk Road as an alternate bid when city officials release requests for the 2018 overlay project.

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