Editor’s note: The writer is telling her personal story with black mold poisoning and her healing process, sharing information that she has learned through the articles in this series. She does not have a medial degree, but consults her physician in the writing of these articles.

by Christina Rice

You can breathe in mold spores or absorb them through your skin. Once inside your body, mold is a parasite. It feeds on your body, growing and spreading its colonies. As it grows and spreads, it releases mycotoxins, which are poisonous to your body, as a self defense tactic. These mycotoxins make you sick. Your reaction depends on how your body can flush out the toxins.


So, why doesn’t your body’s immune system kill the mold? Why don’t antibiotics and antifungals adequately work in snuffing out the fungus in your body?

When I first became sick, the medical doctors gave me multiple rounds of prescription medications, yet I did not get well.

It is because the mold and bacteria have a biofilm. Biofilm is a slimy protective covering that these organisms produce.

You see biofilm all around you; it is the slime on toilets, showers, drainage pipes, lakes and is the dental plaque on your teeth.

Have you noticed in food inspection reports that they may say something like “slime found in ice machine?” Yep, you got it, that means fungus or bacteria cells and their protective covering, biofilm.

The biofilm protects the microbes from your body’s immune system which can not penetrate the slime. It also serves as a food reservoir, allowing the parasites to continue to thrive even after you have made diet changes.

National research

The National Institute of Health estimates that 80 percent of all human infections have biofilm involvement.

The National Cancer Institute cited a research study done by Dr. Cynthia Sear, John Hopkins, in which she said biofilms were present in 89 percent of the colon cancers they tested, suggesting biofilm itself could be a cancer-promoting trigger.

Montana State University’s Center for Biofilm Engineering has been a world leader in biofilm research for more than 25 years. It states that current antibiotics are designed to kill bacteria in the planktonic state, meaning bacteria that are not within a protective biofilm. Traditional pharmaceuticals are not designed to penetrate the slime, making them ineffective in eradicating microbes from the body.

The biofilm photo, courtesy of Montana State University’s Center of Biofilm Engineering, shows the life-cycle of biofilm. The bacteria or fungus starts as a single cell. Cells group together into a colony, feeding off of their host. When the colony gets big enough, a smaller colony breaks apart moving elsewhere in the body, attaches and grows, thus spreading throughout your entire system.

My treatment

My physician has me on a three-part therapy. The first part is an essential oil blend that penetrates, degrades and strips away the protective biofilm cover exposing the microbes. There are two oil blends I’m using; BFB-1 contains five different oils while BFB-2 contains four. I personally took both blends at the same time. The biofilm passes through your body and is flushed.

The second treatment I take are the microbial and antifungals that kill the bacteria and fungus. As the microbes are attacked, they release extra mycotoxins, poisons, in self-defense.

When the biofilms are removed, the toxins secreted by the microbes inside the film are released into your bloodstream causing a Herxheimer reaction, an exaggerated inflammatory response.

The third supplement I take is a toxin binder that attaches to the toxins and flushes them from my body reducing the inflammatory response.

Treating with just one type of supplement or medication would not be effective. You can’t kill the microbes without taking away the biofilm and you would be too sick if you didn’t flush the toxins out of your body.

The response has been nothing short of amazing. I feel 90 percent better. Most of my symptoms I listed in the first article are gone. I had forgotten what it felt like to be normal. I now feel like myself. I enjoy life again.

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