Editor’s note: The writer is telling her personal story with black mold poisoning and her healing process, sharing information that she has learned through the articles in this series. She does not have a medial degree, but consults her physician in the writing of these articles.

by Christina Rice

What can you expect as you begin to detox from mold? How long will it take?

You will get better, but first, you will get sicker. As the treatment attacks the mold in your body, the mold will retaliate by releasing toxins in self defense. After all, the mold has a pretty good setup inside your body and it doesn’t want to leave.

The toxins it releases are mycotoxins. They are what cause your symptoms and make you sick. The more mold you have in your body, the higher the amount of toxins that will be released.

You will have predominantly flu-like symptoms. Each person will react differently. My husband didn’t have many symptoms, while I was so sick I missed three days of work in the first week I was on detox. I had a 104 fever, upset stomach, stuffy nose and my body hurt all over.

This happened because we killed too much mold too fast. The mold was releasing toxins faster than my body could remove them. I stopped taking the part of my treatment that kills the mold for a few days while continuing to take the toxin binder portion of my treatment, allowing my body to catch up on flushing the toxins before continuing the detox.

As I killed off fungi, my physician increased my dosage, monitoring me every one to two weeks. If I got sick enough that I missed a day of work, I stopped treatment for a few days and then resumed.

I felt pretty sick each day, but not quite bad enough that I needed to stay home. It was a fine line.

I also had constant bronchitis and pneumonia symptoms including heavy coughing, thick mucus and congestion. This was the biofilm leaving my body. Biofilm is the protective slime that covers mold. Since it is a mucus, it comes out of your nose, mouth, anus and vaginal area. Without the protective biofilm, the mold is exposed, allowing it to be killed.

The biofilm was irritating to my body. It felt like having a constant urinary tract and yeast infection. Once my body released all the biofilm, the symptoms cleared up.

  I had so much mold in my body that it took several months for the ebb and flow of flu symptoms to go away. As you kill the mold and there are less organisms in your body, you will start to feel better.

It took my husband six months to become free and clear of mold while it took me a year and a half.

Even though I am currently back on my detox regimen due to a new mold exposure, which is another story, I feel good. I feel back to my normal self.

Make sure you are under a physician’s care while detoxing. It is possible to release toxins faster than your body can keep up with, leading to other medical issues.

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