Darren Farnan, United Fiber, spoke to a crowd of business leaders during the announcement on July 16.

United Fiber, a service offered by United Electric Cooperative, Maryville, will be expanding fast internet fiber service to the city of Maryville this summer.

Since 2011, United Fiber has constructed over 1,700 miles of fiber and serves over 8,000 residential customers in northwest Missouri communities such as King City, Gower and Stanberry. Within Maryville, some commercial builds have been made including Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing. There have been federal grants to allow for the expansions in rural areas.

  Leaders of United Fiber shared the expansion vision on July 16 at the Mozingo Conference Center where the timeline for the Maryville plan was also given. Sellenriek Construction, Savannah, will be the prime contractor with the work to begin in August and is expected to take 8 to 10 months. They have divided the city into six construction zones. Plans are to begin in the west central zone, see adjacent map, and continue clockwise; however, some of the work will overlap zones. Activation of residences will occur when a zone is complete.

The map of construction zones for Maryville’s United Fiber work to begin in August.

The fiber offering will allow for high speed internet services as well as an app-based television including live tv, DVR or VOD and telephone service at businesses and residences. A television channel guide will be available with several pricing packages.

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