The Municipal Election slated originally in April, will be Tuesday, June 2 and will have a ballot question for South Nodaway and Northeast Nodaway school patrons.

The two ballot issues are worded somewhat differently, however the language speaks to the continuation of a tax levy to improve the capital assets of the districts. Both will have require a four-sevenths majority to pass. Even though the date for the election was changed from April to June, the number of positive votes did not change to the normal June election amount of two-thirds.

South Nodaway is offering a $1,000,000 no-tax increase bond issue.

“The district is hopeful that it will be supported, but at the same time we recognize the hardships that the COVID-19 pandemic has created in the economy,” said Superintendent Johnnie Silkett. “Although the project will not increase the tax levy, the campaign steering committee for the project will be largely subdued, as to be sensitive to some of the difficult situations that may be facing our families.”

If passed, the property tax rate would remain at 59¢ per $100 of assessed valuation. The funds from the bond issue will be used to add a new ag shop that would be twice the size of the old one and place it in the current location of the greenhouse and move the greenhouse across the street in the middle of the west parking lot. The new shop would be a lean-to building that would create access to the current English room that would become the ag classroom.

“We would also address the need for a multipurpose building that would be in the current location of the outdoor basketball courts. This building would link the current metal building on the north side of the school with the main school building through the lobby on the east side of the gym. This building would have three large overhead doors that would open up on good weather days for recess, community and music events,” said Silkett.

When the doors are down in the winter it can be used for inside recess, PE, STEM learning and youth basketball. The current lobby will be turned into large mens and womens bathrooms and create the entrance into the gym. The metal building to the north of the school will get a new roof that will extend to the gym wall and it will be attached to the new multi-purpose building.

“We will turn the old shop into a K-12 STEM learning center, the ag classroom into a business room and the Spanish room back into an art room. The space between the metal building and the gym will be a hallway and storage center,” explained Silkett. “In the main building, we will be moving the science room so we can put in a main office area wear all of the offices are together by the front door making it safe and more efficient.

“I believe that we will use the money wisely to make every dollar go as far as we can make it go to help our students be prepared for 21st century jobs,” he concluded.

Northeast Nodaway officials have placed a $1.3 million ballot issue. This is also a no-tax-increase that will continue the levy of 77.07¢ per $100 of assessed value of real and personal property.

“The main purpose of Proposition NEN Improvements is to provide funds for a baseball field and an all-weather practice track for school and community use,” said Superintendent Brenda Dougan. “If this proposition is approved, the adjusted debt service levy is estimated to remain unchanged. The current levy is adequate to repay the existing bonds plus the $1,300,000 of new bonds by extending the levy 10-15 years, depending on the repayment plan selected by the board of education. This is feasible due to growth in assessed valuation; interest savings totaling $291,463 from previous bond re-financings and prepayments of principal as well as very low interest rates in the current municipal bond market.”

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