The Tri-C Community is gearing up for its 11th annual garage sale.

The community garage sale, sponsored by Tri-C CART, that is Community Action Renewal Team, will be on Friday, August 6, and Saturday morning, August 7. Clyde, Conception and Conception Jct. and surrounding area are included in the Tri-C community.

Any resident of the Tri-C community can be a part of the community garage sale, and CART will create a map pointing out the locations of each participating residence. In addition, each garage sale will have a sign in front showing it is being sponsored by CART.

Those interested in hosting a garage sale are asked to submit $5 per residence to cover the cost of advertising, maps and signs. Residences have the option of holding their garage sale on Friday or Saturday or both days and designate the hours they will be open, plus they can submit a list of sale items to be included with the map.

Copies of the garage sale maps will be available the afternoon of August 5 at local post offices and on-line at Residences hosting garage sales will also have copies of the map.

Due to COVID-19, buyers are asked to practice social distancing and use hand sanitizer before entering a garage sale and after leaving. Wearing face masks is recommended.

Tri-C CART activities are part of an overall organizing effort of the Tri-C Partners4Progress organization whose members provide support in working together for the present and future well-being of the local community.

If interested in hosting a garage sale or for more information, please contact Jane Walter at 660.944.2488. Each residence hosting a garage sale is asked to register and submit their $5, hours open, and list of garage sale items by 5 pm, Wednesday, August 4.

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