Maryville Tourism Committee members Jeff Stubblefield and Coby Lamb hold up the shirts embroidered with the new Maryville Tourism logo after the meeting on September 11.

At the September 11 meeting, the Maryville Tourism Committee approved the projected 2020 budget to be sent to the Maryville City Council for approval.

The budget estimates a carryover amount for the committee of $283,985 at the beginning of the fiscal year on October 1. Other estimated revenue for the tourism effort will include $165,000 from the transient guest tax, $5,000 from a state grant, $38,000 from other revenues for a total of an estimated $208,000 in revenue.

Expenses include $150,000 for the commitment of the Hughes Fieldhouse on the Northwest campus. Other contractual services break down to $20,000 in printing and advertising, $12,000 for board travel and training, $12,000 in professional fees and $25,000 in other contractual services. Supplies is estimated at $65,000, memberships and subscriptions at $1,500 and a contingency fund of $207,985. Total expenses are estimated at $491,985.

City Manager Greg McDanel said the budget was similar to the FY 2019 budget with several line items being marked as placeholders until the committee determines where the funds will be used.

Discussion was held on advertising in statewide magazines to promote tourism. No decisions were made as the committee would like an overall view of the publications, including pricing, distribution and whether promotion would be available on the publications’ websites.

The committee is interested in retaining the services of Todd Weddle again this year. Weddle suggested the committee pay him $250 per event. The committee thought of doing a standard contract with Weddle for up to 20 events or photo shoots in the next fiscal year. McDanel will get a contract together for the committee to review.

Conversation was held on the need for a Maryville tourism website.

McDanel will reach out to the Missouri State Tourism board for someone to give board members additional training.