By Jacki Wood

A mix of Maryville High and Northwest Missouri State students, local residents and out-of-town working professionals have united to form the Maryville Mutineers, Maryville’s first official paintball team.

“Creating an official paintball team was always a part of the business plan when starting this company,” Chelsey Clark, The Fields Paintball co-owner, said. “It’s a great opportunity for the players because it gives them a chance to compete at a level above our local facilities and brings a lot of positive exposure for Maryville from the paintball community.”

Clark said the team consists of a lot of new talent mixed in with some experienced tournament players and are coached by Cody Morrison.

“(Cody) has a long history of playing on different paintball teams in tournaments and also coaching,” she said. “You’ll find him around the park not only teaching The Mutineers but also helping out new players and of course getting in on some games himself.”

The Maryville Mutineers are registered through the Paintball Leagues International and will compete in a variety of tournaments through the state and the Midwest including the Midwest Paintball Players League this spring.

The team gets together every other weekend to officially practice, but Clark said team members come in as often as The Fields is open for practice and play to hone their skills.

Clark said The Mutineers are currently looking for sponsors to help with mileage, lodging, food, jerseys, paint and more.

“We’re looking for different sponsors to help alleviate those costs from our individual team members,” she said. “We don’t want anyone on the team to feel like they can’t participate just because they can’t afford to travel to the different tournaments.”

Clark, along with David Baker, started their Mobile Paintball operations in April of this year and then opened The Fields park in October.

They offer open play paintball, equipment rentals, low-impact kid’s paintball, private party reservations and a pro shop. The park is open year-round and includes a kid’s course, woodsball, speedball, hyperball and recball.

For more information or to become a sponsor for The Mutineers, visit or call 816.200.0470.