By Kathryn Rice

In business since January 1, The Broken Mug Coffee Shop combines friendly, knowledgeable service with delicious fresh ground and brewed coffee.

“We are the first ever in the state of Missouri to combine a full-service coffee shop within an existing hair salon,” said Owner Mindy Hunziger.

Hunziger has incorporated The Broken Mug into her existing business, Guys and Dolls Hair Studio, located at 106 1/2 South Main Street, Maryville.

“We are making history and paving a new way for small business people to be creative and combine multiple passions in a shared space, right here in northwest Missouri,” Hunziger said.

The coffee shop features a full-service espresso bar, brewed coffee, smoothies, lemonade, hot cider, hot and iced teas, fresh baked goods, pre-packaged snacks and bulk coffee by the pound and half pound. Also featured are CBD products, including oils, honey sticks and anti-inflammatory products.

All drinks are made-to-order with each espresso’s coffee beans fresh ground per shot. Barista Lance Lewis said the shop follows the international standards for coffee. He feels this gives The Broken Mug’s coffees an elevated quality.

Customers can purchase a reusable travel mug which comes with a cup of brewed coffee at the time of purchase. Thereafter, use of the travel mug will give customers a 10 percent discount.

Customers checking in, while at The Broken Mug, on Google maps or Facebook will receive a 10 percent discount. They can combine the social media discount with use of the travel mug and it increases to 15 percent.

The “TBM special” currently running is a chocolate milano iced latte served with freshly made whipped cream and Oreos. Lewis said the drink tastes like a non-alcoholic mudslide.

Tables, chairs, wifi accessibility and local artists’ work for sale make the atmosphere congenial for sipping coffee. The artists whose work is currently on display are Tenna and Ella Hazen, Linda Howell, Melinda Pangle, Amy Pearson and Autumn Page.

Deliveries are made to surrounding businesses and to the parking lot by Jock’s Nitch.

“I come in every morning for my daily pick-me-up,” Wesley Stephenson with Tenaska said. “It is fantastic. The service is friendly and accommodating. The curb service is very convenient and fast.”

Hours at The Broken Mug are 7 am to 5 pm, Tuesday through Friday, and 7 am to 1 pm, Saturday. For more information or to order curbside service, call 660.582.4900.