SSM Health St. Francis Hospital and SSM Health Medical Group are excited to announce the opening of SSM Health Cancer Care on Monday, June 12, headed by oncologist Rolando Breier, MD, which includes a new chemotherapy and infusion center.

Dr. Rolando Breier, MD, was introduced to the audience at the announcement of the new cancer care center.

Located at the hospital, SSM Health Cancer Care will offer infusion therapy in conjunction with patient appointments with Dr. Breier for treatment of a wide array of cancers, as well as benign hematological conditions.

The announcement came during the opening reception of the St. Francis Golf Classic at Mozingo Lake Golf Course. The event was held at Boulders Inn and Suites.

Breier was instrumental in developing the cancer program at St. Francis. His extensive education and clinical background provided valuable insight into the formation of the service.

“I believe in providing a more patient-focused approach to cancer care that gives patients the time and support they need in their fight against cancer,” Breier said.

SSM Health Cancer Care and new infusion center are located on the main floor of the hospital directly behind the Jimmy Jones display on the east wing. The area has been remodeled to provide three exam rooms, a private treatment room and a group room with six infusion recliners where patients can receive blood transfusions, chemotherapy and other medications.

The hospital pharmacy has expanded its services to allow for mixing the chemotherapy drugs to make the infusion process more efficient for patients needs

John Yancey, along with his daughters, and his wife, Susan, who was not present due to an illness, were the guest hosts of this year’s St. Francis Golf Classic.

“The program will allow patients to see the doctor and receive treatment as well as other services through our multidisciplinary approach,” Mike Baumgartner, hospital president, said. “The infusion center will provide privacy for those who want it or a group setting for those who prefer to be interactive.”

With the new SSM Health Cancer Care at the hospital, Breier’s patients will also have easy access to the hospital’s lab and imaging services.

“SSM Health Medical Group’s new oncology specialist and infusion center are part of our continued commitment to provide the best possible care to our patients close to home,” Baumgartner said.

Baumgartner added that current cancer clinic appointments will continue. “We are finalizing a collaborative relationship with Mosaic Life Care and oncologist/hematologist Dr. Rony Abou-Jawde. More information will be released later this summer.”