By Superintendent Johnnie Silkett

Instruction: ​South Nodaway is fully accredited by the state of Missouri. In the 2016-2017 school year we received 100 percent for MSIP 5. (Figures have not been released for 2017-18.) I also want to say that our results go beyond the scores. Our students are both mentally challenged and nurtured to be equipped to go into the world as a student and as adults.

Finance: ​The state of Missouri is showing signs of financial recovery from the recessionary crisis. The school foundation funding formula has received much attention the last few years in the legislature and it appears the hold harmless schools will receive 100 percent of the formula monies allotted to them once again this coming year and that includes us at South Nodaway R-IV.

Insurance rates have gone up out this last year where we saw a five percent increase. We were able to stay under our cap of $450 a month per employee for next year and be able to put money into staff members’ HSA’s on two plans.

Last year we have an estimated total ending fund balance of $1,195,638.86. Of this, we will have about $20,795.00 in fund four, $80,358.48 in fund three and about $1,094,485.30 are unrestricted funds.

This gives the South Nodaway School District about 44 percent carryover balance in all funds moving into the 2018-19 school year. The previous year carryover was approximately 47 percent. We completed a new sports complex without a bond or lease purchase and only dropped our carryover by three percent.

We are in sound financial shape heading into the 2018-2019 school year. The budget will reflect a budgeted positive balance of $18,540. We are only doing a few smaller projects this upcoming year so we will be looking at a positive balance.

Facilities have seen a much-needed facelift over the last four years. We have updated or remodeled most of the older parts of the building, we have built a baseball facility at Guilford where the old grade school stood and have upgraded the parking and bus facilities.

Administration:​ The administrative staff will be: Johnnie Silkett as superintendent, fifth year in district, 10th as a superintendent; Aaron Murphy as PK-6 principal, eighth year in district, first as elementary principal; Dustin Skoglund as high school principal, ninth year in district, first as high school principal.

Even though both principals are in their first years, they have been part of the leadership team for the last three years.

Facilities:​ We have improved the facilities and infrastructure of the school. The last four years has seen many improvements that have helped us with our school directive – we will do what’s best for kids in everything we do every day. We have made improvements to every classroom, every hallway, parking, sports facilities, locker rooms, ag shop, technology and internet access and speed.

Outside of the bond for the elementary edition, we have done all the rest of these improvements with grants, donations, one time monies and out of operations. For the upcoming year we will put new metal siding on the ag building, upgrade the seating at the football field and continue to upgrade to LED lighting, replace some carpet and paint the structures at Guilford.

Maintenance/Custodial/Renovation:​ We have two highly talented custodians/engineers who can do about anything that we can think up to upgrade our facilities in a cost effective way.

Transportation: ​This will be the 12th year of contracting transportation with JARNIK.

Food Service: ​Food service has increased its revenue from the previous year with the same number of students but attention is still needed to be sure we can continue our own services. We have decreased expenses and will continue to see increased revenue.

Elementary School Program: ​Aaron Murphy will move up from assistant principal to head elementary principal. Shayne Talmadge will be the new first grade teacher. We still need to fill a reading teacher and a speech therapist.

High School Program: All high school staff are returning. Dustin Skoglund will move up to be the HS principal and Melinda Claycomb will take his place as PE teacher. We are not replacing a HS SPED aid.

Revenue: ​Revenue projected for 2018-2019 is $2,760,069 as stated before. The state of Missouri will plan on giving us 100 percent of our hold harmless and continued increase in county funds.

Expenditures: ​Expenditures projected for 2017-2018 are $2,741,529 and the revenue projections for 2018-2019 are $2,760,069. This results in a budgeted increase of $18,540.

Total revenue = $2,760,069 minus total expenditures of $2,741,529 plus projected total carryover of $1,195,639 = anticipated balance of $1,214,179 at the end of the 2018-19 school year on June 30, 2019.