The FFA officers and advisor, Megan Thacker, gave a presentation to the BOE about the group’s 2016 accomplishments. There was also an ag shop tour during which Thacker showed the BOE the new equipment purchased with an Enhancement Grant.wpid-South-Nodaway.indd_

Floors have been poured and doors have been received for the Guilford sports complex. When temperatures rise to the appropriate level, the walls will be poured. Dick Ross, project director, will prepare a detailed bid sheet for the BOE to approve at its next meeting. This will give detailed specifications for ball field construction. After approval, advertising for a contractor will begin.

Counselor Nick Wray presented the spring 2016 testing results. SN scored above the state average in 15 out of 18 tested areas. Last year’s sixth graders didn’t score above the state average on any of the tests, but the group showed improvement at 1.3 percent below the math average.

Third- through eighth-grade MAP testing results are as follows: English, 71.3 percent, above the 44 percent state average; science, 59.8 percent, above the state’s 45.3 percent; and math, 69.73 percent, above the state’s 60.3 percent.

At the high school level, SN students scored above state averages in all four tests: government, English, science and math.

The USDA Food Audit Report asks SN to show the actual cost of $4.56 for adult lunches. The school currently charges $2.45 per lunch. The BOE approved a motion to retroactively charge $4.56 for 2016-17 adult meals, but will supplement the meal by $2.11 to leave the consumer cost at $2.45.

Board policies were reviewed with the BOE removing six policies and replacing or adding 14 others. Of note was policy ECA which allows the appointment of a school protection officer if the district so desires and policy IND instructing students to say the Pledge of Allegiance once a day.

Board members received materials to assist them in January’s superintendent evaluation.

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