Nodaway-Holt Superintendent Jeff Blackford spoke to the Skidmore City Council, May 13, including City Clerk Meagan Morrow and Mayor Sandy Wright. The school district wants to install an electronic sign in Skidmore to detail school events.

At the May 13 Skidmore City Council meeting, Nodaway-Holt Superintendent Jeff Blackford inquired as to Skidmore’s interest in having an electronic sign to inform the community about school events and activities.

With the athletic cooperative between NH and West Nodaway, Blackford said more traffic would be traveling between the two schools on Highway 113. A sign in Skidmore would be beneficial to inform the communities about NH activities.

The school will pay for the sign which will be similar to the one on Highway A in Graham and cost about $27,650. The city will need to pay for electricity and fiber or a cell package to connect the two signs to the high school. The city will look at three sites: by city hall, Memorial Park and Newton Hall.

On May 19, Wright said the sign will probably go in front of city hall. MoDOT said the city didn’t have to seek approval for the sign there. This information has been forwarded to NH.

The old brush pile by the sewer plant will be roped off. Residents have been dumping construction waste and trash. The new brush site is west of the ballpark where the mud run is held. It is for brush only and plans are being made to burn it before the Punkin Show.

The citywide garage sales are set for June 4, 5 and 6 with individuals to pick out their days and times of operation.

If Nodaway Veterinary Clinic approves the date of Saturday, July 24, the annual dog vaccination day and dog tag registration will be held at the WildKat City Park shelter house. Times will be announced later.

Paul McGary’s request to rent the mini-excavator was not approved as the city was concerned about liability issues.

Resident Tim Slagle requested the handicapped parking spot be moved to an open spot where he could park his van.  It is currently on Highway 113 by Goodtime Charlie’s Restaurant but is blocked because of construction taking place on the corner.

Slagle also requested the corner building owned by Wright be declared a hazard and more effort to be made with blocking the sidewalk.

Resident Rana Killingsworth wondered if there was anything that could be done about the number of nails being found on city streets.

The council decided not to do the Skidmore Depot Museum T-shirts. Keys for the museum will need to be checked out at city hall from Morrow.

DNR has inspected benches and tables put into the city parks using a DNR grant. This inspection should lead to the city being reimbursed for the cost of the benches and tables.

The Missouri Supreme Court has denied the Rick Stanton appeal and it has been kicked to a lower court. The first two trials on the nuisance ordinances were set for May 20 in Nodaway County court announced City Attorney Miles Figg.