Mayor Sandy Wright invited Northwest Regional Council of Governments Economic Development Planner Kim Mildward to the September 10 Skidmore City Council meeting.

Mildward discussed four different methods for Skidmore to get funding for a new city hall/community building/fire station complex.

The methods were neighborhood tax credits, community block grants, USDA grants and loans, and local charitable trusts. None of these are currently open for applications but Mildward is anticipating applications for some of the entities to start opening in October.

Mildward had questions as to timeline for the project and amount of money needed. Wright said the project was just in a feasibility stage with no definite plans in the works.

The city is still having problems with residents dumping brush in the wrong location. The council approved the new brush dumping site to be the mud pit by the city park. The city will put gravel around the pit which has been used for mud runs in the past. The brush at the current location cannot be burned until the corn crop is out.

The city has received complaints about the weeds not being mowed along the mud track and the junk at the far north end of the ballfield. This was in response to letters sent out asking residents to mow and clean their lots. The track is rutted to where the city cannot mow Chief Operator Marvin Sumy said, and the junk situation will be looked at.

A bid for $4,000 from Cutting it Close was received to remove eight willow trees along the west side of the ball park. Discussion was held on a cheaper method, with one resident in attendance saying he would look at the trees to see if trimming would take care of the situation. This would still provide shade at the field.

Wright had installed the lights on the flagpoles which will allow the flags to remain up.

Wright said the city has received notification that it will receive a $13,000 USDA grant for benches and picnic tables for the city parks.

Cheryl Huston, who among others, has been undertaking the Skidmore Depot Museum restoration, notified the council she was going to apply for a Gladys Rickard Trust grant. She also presented the final T-shirt design for fundraising efforts. She will discuss plans to have the shirts printed at The Student Body, Maryville, and available for sale shortly with Alderman Rana Killingsworth, who was not at the meeting.

The council tabled until the October 8 meeting: water and sewer rate increase, review of Ordinance 2017 Wells, and ordinance on authority to enforce ordinances. The council will also consider the request by Russ Wetzel to close an alley by ordinance.

Clinton L. Allen Monument, Maryville, will be contacted to do more work on repairing head stones at the cemetery.

Information on the City of Skidmore City Hall payment policy was discussed. Effective as of June 11, the city will not accept cash payments for any service, including city utilities, city dog tags, gravel, cemetery plots or copies and research fees. The city will accept debit and credit cards, checks and money orders.

At the closed meeting on August 13, Wright updated the council on current litigation. City Attorney Miles Figg discussed the right to oral arguments in court of appeals and its legal meanings.