Due to the resignation of Skidmore Mayor Sandy Wright at the May 28 city council meeting, Robert Manning stepped into the roll of mayor.

Jill Wieland was appointed as mayor pro tem. Marvin Sumy was appointed to serve as the alderman to fill the term of Manning.

After the May 13 meeting, the council went into closed session to discuss current litigation and the new scheduled court date. Coming back into open session, the council hired Tanner Chaney as a full-time city maintenance employee at a starting wage of $17 per hour with a $1.50 per hour increase with each certification earned. Kylin Manning was hired to weed eat for the city at $10.50 per hour. Manning abstained from the vote.

At the June 10 city council meeting led by Manning, Sumy was sworn into office.

The council voted to move forward with the installation of the water meters. The next step is for BP Meters, LLC, Maryville; to submit paperwork for the project.

The city’s fiscal year ends June 30, City Clerk Meagan Morrow is doing a yearly budget which will be presented in August.

City Attorney Miles Figg reported by Zoom, there were few pending citations. He feels the law days are going well and the city is moving in the right direction. He is still working on transferring the prosecutor position to a local attorney. He is expecting the Rick Stanton situation to be resolved shortly.

It was approved to purchase two tubes for approximately $1,400 to be used at 113 and North Chesnut and the alley to the north.

The proposal to purchase a forklift attachment for the tractor was turned down.

The request by Resident Tim Slagle on enforcing ordinances and dangerous buildings was postponed.

Resident Kean Hayes made a request for a gravel path at Hillcrest Cemetery so he can visit his father’s grave with his wheelchair. This was tabled until the July meeting, so the aldermen can visit the cemetery to view the situation.

Tim Randall is available to demolish the two old houses on Oak and Elm streets recently purchased by the city. Randall said he would charge the going rate for dozer work. No motion was made.