After discussion on September 8, the Skidmore City Council dissolved the Skidmore Depot Museum committee.

Cheryl Huston, an ex-committee member, stated she and Cindy Kenny and Fran Harbin had wanted to volunteer at the museum to preserve Skidmore history. They had not wanted to be a committee, which the city started.

Concerns were voiced about how money donations were spent. The committee was not turning in the money to the city clerk or making requests to the city council before money was spent. The committee thought the city was not keeping accurate records of donations and how the money was spent.

The city gave the defunct committee until Friday, September 30 to turn in all funds and materials to City Clerk Meagan Morrow. The code to the door lock has been changed. The city, once again, verified it does own the Depot Museum.

An open house, planned for 2 to 5 pm, Sunday, September 25, is still planned.City Maintenance Cassie Partridge reported a 53 percent water loss for August using an online calculator shown to her by a representative from the Missouri Rural Water Association. She and the representative also checked for water main leaks but did not find any. The conclusion that was reached was the water was not registering when it ran through the meters.

The new meter install has stopped. It was discovered some of the parts sent were not correct for the type of water meter pits in Skidmore. Once the correct parts are received the install should go smoothly unless the pits need to be redone.

Kim Mildward, Northwest Missouri Regional Council of Governments, discussed the city’s inquiry to bring in United Fiber, which is looking to expand using funds from Missouri Broadband. “Missouri Broadband funding is coordinated to support the buildout of reliable, high-speed internet across Missouri,” noted Mildward.

Mildward said additional companies may apply for the funding. To help get a different broadband company into Skidmore, residents are asked to do a speed test on both wireless and fixed internet with the state through  NWRCOG should find out by the end of year, then it will take one to two years to complete.

Morrow had closed a CD and put the money into two separate CDs to meet the USDA requirements for the sewer project. There was a fee for closing early, however, the two new CDs will earn two percent interest for 27 months.

The council approved making the new brush pile up north of the mud run access.

Morrow announced the city received a grant and she has arranged for Lance Foster, White Cloud, KS, to help find the Native American grave located at Smith Cemetery. A memorial is planned.

Morrow is picking up and installing the 4-H box for non-perishable food and other donations. The first person to stock it, donated $100 to fill the box, and wants to remain anonymous.

City Attorney Miles Figg announced a dangerous dog had been removed from the city limits, so it will not be necessary to take the owner to court. He has become involved in acquiring the land for the sewer project from Bank of America which is the trustee of the property.

The ordinance #Animal-2022 was tabled until the October 13 meeting.

The Skidmore city budget for July 2022 through June 2023 was approved. Revenue is projected at $320,290.86; expenses are estimated at $297,131. Discussion was held on the need to cut expenses with no conclusions reached except for the need.

Jessie Smock from the Skidmore Ball Association attended to clarify the ballpark needs. Currently, the ball association owns all the appliances at the concession stand. As these break, the city will replace. The ball association brings in the smaller appliances. The ball season and association will take precedence when the city rents the ballpark for other activities.

This year the association had to rent a man-lift to change the lights, fixed the fence and mowed the ballfield several times. The council requested the ball association make a list of needed repairs at the season’s beginning and provide the city with the games’ times and dates. The council also informed Partridge to mow the ballfield before games.

Partridge also requested her husband, Jason, be paid for 16 hours he spent helping her mow in August. It was approved with the request Partridge pre-approve her husband’s mowing with the council.