The Skidmore City Council, at the September 12 meeting, voted to not join in with Maitland and Graham on a regional wastewater treatment plant facility, but to remain in the loop to join in on a possible regional wastewater operation.

The second public meeting was held by Northwest Regional Council of Governments, with Emily Wicoff of Snyder and Associates, Inc., presenting the findings on the study financed through a Missouri Department of Natural Resources grant.

The current wastewater treatment project Skidmore is undertaking is less expensive than joining into a regional project. Wicoff presented several options on the joint project.

Ordinance #2017SWR was reviewed. The council approved raising the sewer rate from $18 for the first 1,500 gallons to $24. The charge of 50¢ for each additional 1,000 gallons will remain the same. The new sewer ordinance will be read and approved in October.

Weed letters will be sent to five Skidmore property owners. These will include the properties owned by Rick Stanton. Stanton had sent a letter to city hall demanding the city complete its survey of the depot museum property.

The city had accepted the bid at the August 8 meeting to survey the property from Richard Hattersohl, Trenton. Hattersohl has not returned phone calls or completed the work, which in the bid he stated would be done within a one-to-two week period.

The council voted to rescind the approval and to accept the bid from Midland Surveying, Maryville. The fee will range from $1,400 to $1,700 and the survey should take place within four-to-five weeks of Midland receiving the approval.

The first and second reading and approval of Ordinance #Locust Street Closure 2019 was held. The abandoned street is between the properties of Edward “Skip” and Karen Kepka and Tammy and Richard Sanders. The Kepkas and Sanders couples each have equal claim to the street. The city retains easement rights to maintain utilities.

The draft of bill number Animal 2019 was reviewed. Changes will be made and the bill will be read at the October meeting.

City Clerk Meagan Morrow submitted a list of missing street signs.

The three-year agreement with PeopleService, Inc., was approved for some of the wastewater operation and maintenance.

Both the Messick grant for $2,500 and the Taylor grant for $3,200 was received by the city for the roof and ceiling renovations at Newton Hall. The council requested Jamie Price be contacted for a bid on the repair of the roof’s east side and the replacement of the entire ceiling. They also want Andy Woods contacted about gutter replacement on Newton Hall.

Fall cleanup is tentatively scheduled for the first part of October with October 7 to 14 as the first choice of days.