The Skidmore City Council chose Jean Maneke, Kansas City, as the new Skidmore city attorney in closed session on December 13.

To establish a quorum, two aldermen participated by speaker phone. The city had been without an attorney since October.

In open session, the council accepted the treasurer’s report with corrections. The corrections were labeling payments to the mayor and aldermen as the correct semi-annual payments instead of quarterly as listed.

Alderman Tim Slagle, on speaker phone, suggested the council should concentrate on current nuisance properties and violations rather than take on new ones at this time.

Alderman Rick Allen, also by speaker phone, said he might do the installation of the ball field lights if the good weather holds.

Mayor Tracy Shewey purchased a laptop with Quickbooks from Best Buy at a cost of $1,189.96, which was under the budgeted amount. Marvin Sumy bought tires from Consumer Oil Company, Maryville, for $312.26, an amount under the $600 budgeted.

Other subjects were discussed, but no motions were made as Allen and Slagle had left the meeting.