The annual conference of the Silver Haired Legislature took place October 18-20 at the State Capitol in Jefferson City.

The 118 delegates in attendance chose their top five priorities and formulated plans to advocate for senior issues during the coming legislative session.

The priorities chosen were:

• Senior services growth and development fund

• Increase funding for the home delivered and congregate meals provided by Area Agencies on Aging

• Expand MO HealthNet, that is Medicaid

• Provide financial assistance to seniors for medically necessary hearing aid devices, vision services and dental care through MO HealthNet

• Reauthorize funding for MoRx Program

To learn more about the Silver Haired Legislature, call or email Freda Miller, Northwest delegation, at 888.844.5626 or, or SHL delegate John Murphy at 816.449.5759 or

Missouri’s Silver Haired Legislature was founded in 1973, the first in the nation after the Older Americans Act was amended to include advocacy groups. The SHL is composed of 15 volunteers from each of the 10 statewide Area Agencies on Aging. These 150 senior advocates, elected by their peers, identify and advocate for issues critical to older Missourians.