It is a pleasure to serve the citizens of this county. Here is my year-end report to you. We have great plans for 2020!

DARE Program. The Gary Taylor Charitable Trust through the US Bank was awarded to Nodaway County DARE Program. The grant was for $4,600. DARE is taught in every school in the county. Sgt. Rick Smail is the DARE officer and he also serves as a certified school resource officer.


In addition to the 24 hours of yearly continuing training, there were several specialized training programs: May 4, 2019, Sheriff Strong graduated from the Missouri Sheriff’s Firearms Training Center as a certified Firearms Instructor for pistols, revolvers and shotguns, August 7, 2019, Strong hosted Emily Russell, the executive director of the Human Trafficking Task Force, Missouri Attorney General’s Office. The 4-hour training was “10 Myths About Human Trafficking in Missouri.” About 80 professionals attended. August 25, 2019, Deputy Michael Logan attended Less Lethal Instructor school at the Missouri Sheriff’s Association. September 16, 2019, deputies attended Initial Response Strategies and Tactics When Responding to Missing Children. September 17-18, 2019, deputies attended Interdiction for the Protection of Children training hosted by the Missouri State Highway Patrol. September 28, 2019, Strong graduated from the Missouri Sheriff’s Firearms Training center as a certified Patrol Rifle Instructor. October 23-24, Investigator Cochenour attended Human Trafficking Investigation Certification Course. Other trainings included Glock Armorer School, Taser Instructor School and New Investigator School.

911 Consolidation plans are still in progress and moving forward.

Felony Cases Investigated by Deputies

• January 15, Adult male charged with possession of a controlled substance, that is meth.

• January 22, Adult male charged with possession of a controlled substance, that is meth.

• January 23, Adult male charged with distribution of meth and a second male charged with possession of meth.

• January 31, Homicide Investigation in Burlington Jct., victim 88 year old male beat to death. Wayne Davison charged with 2nd Degree Murder.

• February 2, Chanel Huff stopped in Iowa with one pound of meth and $7,800 cash. We searched her apartment and recovered meth, LSD, mushrooms, loaded pistol, $15,000 cash, charged in Federal Court.

• March 15, Adult male, Search Warrant, charged with 3 counts distribution of meth.

• April 4, Search Warrant, adult female charged with distribution of methamphetamine, possession.

• April 5, Adult male charged with 8 counts of child molestation and possession of child porn.

• April 8, Neil Hacker charged with arson after a house fire in Elmo.

• April 24, Search Warrant, Adult male charged with 7 felonies including delivery of meth and unlawful possession of a firearm.

• May 23, Jerry VanPelt found guilty in jury trial for child molestation.

• June 7, Mathew Lebow charged with 2nd degree child molestation.

• June 15, Search warrant, Distribution of meth, three adult males arrested and charged.

• June 29, Adult male charged with delivery of meth and felon in possession of a gun.

• July 22, Adult female charged with possession of meth.

• August 23, Adult male charged with distribution of meth.

• August 23, Adult male charged with possession of meth.

• September 25, K-9 Bolt tracked stealing suspect to an apartment in Maryville where he was arrested.

• October 3, Adult male charged with possession of meth.

• October 7, Adult male charged with felon in possession of a firearm and possession of meth.

• October 22, Adult male charged with distribution of meth.

• November 10, home invasion, first degree burglary, armed criminal action, Treven Wilmes charged.

• December 3, Search Warrant, Adult male charged with endangering the welfare of a child, 1st degree, Delivery of less than 35 grams of marijuana, class E felony, and Possession of Controlled Substance, Class D Felony.


January 1, 2019 to September 30, 2019: Civil Paper Service, such as subpoenas, order of protections, garnishments, court summons, etc., 1,277 papers served and 820 reports were written.

Deputy Status

We currently have 14 deputy positions and one bailiff/transport officer.


• 911 calls 8,160.

• 543 Fire calls.

• 1,906 Medical calls for ambulance service.

820 Reports were written by deputies.

Sex Offender Registration: Nodaway County currently has 43 sex offenders registered.

Murder: one case investigated and cleared by arrest.

Arson: one case reported and cleared by arrest.

Deputies have cleared two burglaries, four thefts, nine assaults, 10 domestic assaults.

Child Molestation/Sodomy: four child molestation cases have been investigated, with two cases cleared by arrest, one referred to another agency because it was not in our jurisdiction, and one still being investigated, one sodomy case cleared.

Drug Abuse arrests: 18 men and seven women arrested for Possession or Delivery of Controlled Substance.

DWI: six cases.

Mental Health Crisis: 18 cases.

Suicides/Threats: 12 cases.

Jail Population continues to average 22 inmates per day. There were 619 new male incarcerations and 171 new female incarcerations.

Deputies provide courthouse and courtroom security throughout the week. Inmates are taken to and from court and to medical appointments.