The Nodaway County Senior Citizens Senate board met May 15 and continued its work on upgrading the Nodaway County Senior Center, so the center can qualify for future funding from the Northwest Missouri Area Agency on Aging (AAA).

Accountant Ted Espey recommended making two accounts within the Angel Fund, one for congregate or meals served at the senior center and one for home-delivered meals. Administrator Amie Firavich is currently working to update information in the Angel fund.

Discussion was held with Firavich on the delivery and accuracy of the board reports, when the fiscal budget would be completed, any capital or dramatic expenses anticipated and sources of income anticipated for the upcoming fiscal year.

On the April meal counts report, the center served meals for 21 days. The congregate averaged 38 meals per day and the home-delivered averaged 60 meals per day. There were 189 meals served to staff and volunteers for the month.

Discussion was held with Firavich on the drop in numbers on the congregate meals served. A suggestion was made that she pull together a comparison chart for 2017, 2018 and 2019 so the board will have a better picture of the meals served over time.

The board is still short one member, after the recent elections. This was tabled, as the board searches for an applicant.

Upcoming year paid holidays for staff were approved.

Discussion was held on whether or not the center was open when staff was not on-site. Firavich stated the center is closed but groups and rentals with keys can get in.

Firavich presented a recent inquiry and request for service from a disabled person. AAA policies state a person with a disability who lives with a person age 60 or older is eligible to receive meals. The request to provide services was approved.

Discussion was held on disability verification and the recommendation made to align with the OAA and AAA policies. An official policy needs to be included in the center’s operating manual. This was referred to the management committee to draft.

A special meeting will be held after members have had the opportunity to review the bylaws draft recently emailed. A suggestion was made to have an attorney look at the bylaws when finalized. A vote will be taken when these steps are completed.

A cook’s position is posted and discussion was held on a current staff member moving into the position.

Discussion was held on the number of hours needed to operate the center at full staffing, currently 220 hours.

Firavich requested permission to open the program and volunteer or office assistant position. This was tabled until further analysis could be done by the board.