The Senate Bill 40 Board met in open and closed session, January 10 to close 2022 and start 2023.

President Larry Redford presented the NOCOMO Sheltered Workshop 2023 contract along with a letter written by Workshop Manager Nicki Samson for the SB40 Board records.

Jeanette Schieber shared the revenue and disbursement for 2022. The board will start with a balance of $59,474.05 for 2023. Discussion followed with Schieber noting when she started the board wanted to keep the beginning balance for a year at $20,000.

Board member Rose Buholt plans to retire from her job after the July 11 meeting. The board will need to find a new spot to meet. Secretary Rita Wallinga said Maryville Public Safety has a meeting room which can be used free of charge. President Larry Redford will contact St. Gregory’s Catholic Church to see if there is meeting space available.

Three members terms are up in April, Schieber, Nancy Pulley and Chris Degase.

The board went into closed session and after discussion, moved back into open session. Clients are referred to by letters to protect their privacy under HIPA requirements. The following was approved for 2023 after meeting SB40 requirements:

• Client F was approved for up to $400 per trip for medical related travel expenses, up to $4,300 for 2023 not covered by any other means.

• Client K was approved for up to $2,730 for accessibility modifications to client’s vehicle not covered by any other means.

• Client C was approved to be reimbursed $400 monthly for medical related services and expenses not covered by other means.

• Special Olympics for $14,682 for athletic activities.

• Special Olympics reimbursed for $775.51 for a December activity for athletes.

• Client D reimbursed up to $3,000 for physical related/medical expenses not covered by other means.