By Kathryn Rice

Local rescue squads play an important part as first responders in Nodaway County. There are six of these squads. The sixth and last article in this series is about the Tri-C Rescue Squad.

• Responsibilities: The Tri-C Rescue Squad covers the Conception, Conception Jct., Clyde, Guilford and Barnard areas. Members provide medical attention to patients prior to ambulance arrival and assist the ambulance crew with patient care.

• Training: Each squad member goes through CPR training, emergency medical responder training, weather spotting, using extrication equipment and other training as needed.

Meetings are held to coincide with members’ schedules.

• Volunteers:To become a member, volunteers must complete the Emergency Medical Responder course sponsored by the Nodaway County Ambulance District.

• Community Involvement: The Tri-C Rescue Squad does standbys for football games at South Nodaway and at the tractor pulls and mud runs held in Clyde. The squad also participates with career day at Jefferson.

The squad works with different agencies in the county including the local fire department, sheriff’s office and highway patrol to provide medical care and a safer community.

“Members of the rescue squad are a valuable asset to the community they serve,” Tri-C Squad Captain Jared McQueen said. “Because of the squad’s location in the county, they can provide life-saving measures in a timely manner. Also, the members of the squad know the people of their community and provide comfort to the patients in their time of need.”