By Kathryn Rice

Local rescue squads play an important part as first responders in Nodaway County. There are six of these squads. The third article in this series is about the Hopkins and Pickering Rescue Squad.

Members of the Hopkins and Pickering Rescue Squad are Treasurer Don Crane, Amy Smyser, Jordan Smith, Secretary Sandra Smith, Mary Townsend, David Piveral, Brad Renfro, Tiffany Piveral, QT Wyllie, Amy Law and Captain Dustun Law. Not pictured: Jubal Smith, Vice-Captain Tony Morriss and Jennifer Wray.

• Responsibilities:

The Hopkins and Pickering Rescue Squad does first response in medical calls, provides extrication and helps in screen safety  in the Pickering and Hopkins area.

• Training:

The squad trains with the Union Township and Hopkins fire departments and completes necessary CPR training and retraining with the Nodaway County Ambulance Department (NCAD). The squad meets at 8:30 am on the third Saturday of each month at the Union Township Fire House in Pickering.

• Volunteers:

To volunteer for the Hopkins and Pickering Rescue Squad, contact Captain Dustun Law at 660.582.1411 or any member or the NCAD. All training is free.

• Community:

The rescue squad participates in community events and activities when requested. The squad works with other squads in the county when requested.

“We are here, if you need help,” Law said.