Kay Wilson, Owner/Publisher

Kay Wilson, Owner/Publisher

Just like most of you, I have given up on embarking on annual resolutions to mark the beginning of a new year. While the flipping of the calendar from December to January has a bit different feel than the turning of the months other times, it seems to be a bit of a blur at this time of my life.

Resolutions have become a joke to most, who may vow at the midnight hour of December 31 to become more healthy by exercising and eating right and realize all-to-soon the personal commitment level is lacking for any drastic lifestyle change. Dedication wanes with the passing of each day and usually by mid-month there is a few sweet bites left in the cookie jar and the elliptical becomes a clothes hanger again.

Instead, I have made goals for several years which are mostly attainable with my life’s habits ingrained in my being for over six decades. Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of room for improvement on most of my qualities or lack of good aspects. I just realize I’m not a super-woman and there are only 24 hours in a day. Plus, now I need about nine of those hours to be sleep-eye ones.

The experts espouse it takes at least three different instances of an occurrence to become a habit. I’m not sure I buy that. I can revert back to a bad habit pretty fast after months of staying on the “right” path.

So instead of flipping a switch to a new Kay when I flipped the calendar this week, I see the lifestyle changes I really need to make permanent in my being as a work in progress. Afterall, it has taken me several years to have made these negative aspects of my life pretty natural and easy to live with, so I’m sure it will take even more years to make the positive changes I need to. It’s not impossible to change but pretty close, if you get my drift.

Day by day, I’m going to ….

• Eat more greens and less starch and red meat.

• Walk from a further parking spot and try to add more steps on my Garmin-bit.

• Put more in my Bible reading, reflection and meditation time.

• Take a slow, deep chest breath before answering in the negative.

• Expand my sphere of beauty with art, music, theater and reading.

And that’s probably more than I can ever get a good grip on but I’m a willing soul to give it a try.

I’m sending good vibes to all the readers of the NNL to make some strides with their lists, too.

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