Kay Wilson, Owner/Publisher

Kay Wilson, Owner/Publisher

By Kay Wilson

While I realize marijuana might have some positive medicinal purposes, I am more than a little skeptical about how medical marijuana is being monitored.

Also, I really appreciate it when government stays out of my personal decisions.

The state of Missouri is calling out for marijuana facilities to register so they can open in 2020. The city of Maryville has gathered their planning and zoning group together to recommend any restrictions for possible dispensaries or growers to come within the city limits. Maryville City Manager Greg McDanel anticipates close to a dozen possible businesses cropping up in town. I guess this would be quite a plus to add to Maryville’s retail offerings; however, I’m not sure there will be any sales tax collected.

Here’s where the rub begins in my mind. It seems to me that if a doctor prescribes marijuana as a drug to treat a patient, then it would be logical that the prescription would be purchased at a pharmacy. I can envision pulling up to a house-business, darting in with the loot and driving away real fast in the dark of night. Not sure that my imagination is real but it is what it is.

I’m hopeful there will be restrictions and monitoring so that what purchasers are paying for they will receive. I realize those efforts of monitoring require law enforcement, which means more dollars needed to add to the police work.

I also see a challenge arising much like the problem of $1 pitcher nights at the local watering hole. The scenario plays out like this. A pitcher of cold brew is placed in the center of the table with five or so glasses. Someone pours and everyone drinks. IDs not required since the youngsters ordered soda. Now change that up to the location being at home with youngsters sitting around the kitchen table. Something curious has been left on the table and the scene becomes a disaster. I’m sure none of the Nodaway News Leader readers ever snuck out a cigarette from their parents stash at a early age.

These challenges will add to the workload of the law enforcement, which always means more tax dollars spent. The possible outcomes of some of my nightmares could also mean more business for the ambulance district, and even worse yet, the funeral homes.

I really hope someone is thinking this through at length with lots of prayer and wisdom.