by Kay Wilson

One of my parents’ goals for the farmstead, which now we own and occupy, was to have a “good-sized” pond.

My folks bought the beginning acreage of the family farm in the early 1950s. They were able to add a pond within the first decade, but Dad was not happy. It was the one time he utilized a “government program” and the pond-building engineers mapped out a spot at the top of a hill in the pasture.

Dad was no engineer, but he knew water ran downhill and the placement of a pond at the top of a hill was not a great idea. The only water that would fill the structure had to fall from the sky. Even though the original size was generous, some summers it went nearly dry. As it aged, there were winters the waters froze completely.

When we were married, Norman and I inherited the goal to someday have a structure that would help water cattle, stop erosion that created canyons and have some good times catching a few fish.

We’ve been married for over four decades and this summer the “good-sized” structure was built on the back of our farm. It will have more than an acre of water nearly 15-feet deep at the dam and have a non-freezing waterer behind the dam for cattle.

To say we’re excited would be an understatement. Just plain giddy would be a better description. Norman was able to watch the bulldozers as they moved the rich black dirt, build a tall dam and put in the necessary plumbing edifices. We have talked about what species of fish to stock once it is filled. Plus a couple of brush piles were properly placed for fish habitat. I made the trek at days end to see the progress the earth-moving crew had accomplished. It was quite impressive.

We’ve discussed the possibility of building a small cabin on the west side of the structure. It will need a porch connected to the dock, a drinking-flushing water source, which means indoor plumbing and maybe a generator for electricity. We’re not thinking of a Big Cedar Lodge type residence, but maybe an Osage Orange Cottage, one step bigger than a children’s playhouse.

Throughout my life I’ve had goals, some rather lofty and truly unattainable. Others that I’ve seen come to reality. It gives me direction and drive.

This goal, which I was just a small part of seeing become real, is one that I will cherish for the rest of my days.

The next goal will be a couple inches of rain to begin the pond’s fill, and with the first day of school coming soon, we might get that, too.

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