At the November 7 Pickering City Council meeting, City Clerk Milt Sovereign informed the council it needs to be looking for a new city clerk and someone to extract non-functioning sewer pumps, especially this winter.

The aldermen have agreed to approach some people about the city clerk and everyone is looking for someone to pull the pumps. Sovereign wants to train the new city clerk before he quits. He will still rebuild the sewer pumps until someone is found to do the job. However, pulling the pumps in the winter has proved to be too hard for him.

Discussion was held on wages to pay for the positions but no decisions were made.

The council spoke about the resident, Mike Moyer and the situation the city is facing. His properties have not been cleaned up. There are now 16 cars with some in the street and on the right of way. No information has been received from City Attorney Taryn Henry. Calls have not been returned. Alderman Dale Sharp will try to contact Henry again.

The city replaced the lumber on the bleachers at the basketball court due to the old untreated lumber being rotten in places. Sovereign offered $25 for the old wood which was accepted by the council.

Filing for the April 4, 2023 election will be Tuesday, December 6 through Tuesday, December 27. There will be two council member positions open in the election. To become a candidate for one of the city council positions, contact Sovereign at 104 South Coleman, Pickering, or call him at 660.927.3737.