Once again, no one filed for the two Pickering City Council seats which will be on the April 4 election ballot.

This information was brought up at the February 6 meeting. Current Alderman Carla Vore stated that she does not want the position. Kenny Graham, the other alderman whose position is open, has not attended the last three monthly meetings.

Write-in candidates are being sought for the two positions.

A brush pile has been moved from two lots owned by the city. There was concern about burning the pile because of buildings adjacent to the site. The county moved the pile for the city. JC Ware allowed the city to place the downed branches on his property.

The pile will be burned on the next calm day. The Union Township fire department hasn’t indicated whether or not the department will assist, said Mayor Charles Smith. Discussion was held on smoothing and seeding the Pickering lots.

One letter has been sent to a resident about an at-large dog. The New Nodaway Humane Society has given them a warning about the situation.

Preliminary 2020 US Census paperwork has been received by City Clerk Milt Sovereign. This is to confirm that Pickering still exists and to update contact information.