At the August 3 meeting, the Pickering City Council discussed the need for residents to mow their properties including the ditches because the city doesn’t have the personnel nor the money to do this.

Concern was also expressed about small children playing in the streets after dark. Motorists speed through town and all the aldermen expressed concern children may be hit.

A dead end street sign was purchased for Railroad Street so people won’t run into the sewer plant when speeding. The council approved reimbursing Mayor Charles Smith for the purchase of the sign.

The tax rate hearing has been set for 6 pm, Tuesday, September 1 at the Pickering Community Building. The regular council meeting will follow. City Clerk Milt Sovereign will post the hearing notice. Pickering has maxed out the amount of taxes it can collect and the council will again request the maximum amount for the state’s approval.

Discussion was held on the renewal of the New Nodaway Humane Society contract. It was decided to have Smith check about the cost to have the humane society come only when called instead of paying a monthly amount.

Smith will contact the county for help with blocked tubes. Two of the tubes were put in by the county to replace a bridge. The city put in the third when the two were not adequate for water flow.

MoDOT approved the permit for the sign on the highway for another year.

In Sovereign’s sewer report, he said eight of the sewer pumps currently in service are the original pumps. He also said nine pumps have been overhauled or repaired and are available for backup.

Sovereign had ordered main relays, a common part, for pump repair. When the order was held up, he had ordered from a second source. Both orders came in and the city now has an adequate supply of the parts.

The city received a one time payment of $148.27 from Centurylink which has been put in the general operating fund.