At the Pickering City Council meeting July 2, City Clerk Milt Sovereign discussed his issues with KCP&L billing.

Unknown to him, when KCP&L put in the LED street lights earlier this year, the company set up a fifth account for the city. Sovereign pays the city bills online and the fifth account was not linked.

When he called, a company representative told him the account wouldn’t show because it was overdue. Sovereign made arrangements to send a check and to have a paper bill mailed to him each month. He’ll continue to pay the other four accounts online.

The “children at play” signs have been installed. Grading work has been done on an alley. The amount of gravel for it and several other patches needs to be determined.

Alderman Kevin Leedom contacted Northwest Missouri State University about surplus playground equipment. Northwest doesn’t know if the playground equipment will be auctioned or reinstalled at other campus locations. Leedom left his contact information.

Sewer pumps from a lot with removed trailers have been pulled. None were in working order. One has been rebuilt and put into reserve, with plans to rebuild the other two.

One of the sewer wells will be cut off below ground level and sealed. If needed in the future, the property owner will need to pay for the installation of a new well.